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Headquarter: No KCN Trường An- An Khánh- Hoài Đức - Hà Nội

Office/ Workshop:KCN Trường An- An Khánh- Hoài Đức - Hà Nội

Phone : (84) 0243.7500794



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Tax Code: 0101625209

Bank Account: 102010000145998 Vietinbank HaiBaTrung - Ha noi- Vietnam


Thai Duong Industry Co,. Ltd is one of the leading companies in Vietnam in providing products industry, including from design, construction, installation products ; We can perform construction EPC bid packages or services requested by the individual customer's .

Scope of activities:

· Provide products and solutions to technical processing environment for factory.

· Provide products and services maintenance factories every year: including tools, materials for production in the factory, maintenance services, hygiene and ensure the operation of the factory.

· Consulting, design, can transfer the project or each product in industry.


We have staff at the university and the university staff skilled workers, many years of experience can ensure implementation of the work.Further that we have the services maintenance, can provide service troubleshooting 24/24 always best to meet customers' needs.

System of quality management: ISO-9001:2000

Management guideline:

·Mission: Development Corporation's economic strength, providing solutions and product technical good optimization industry for Vietnam, to help you improve your competitiveness. The full staff of physical, mental, contributing to the development company on a strong and developed country.

·Vision: Research, providing products, solutions technical quality, modern technology to customers.

· Core values: The employees have the spirit of solidarity high, building a cultural enterprise with identity, is considered colleagues relatives, the company is considered a family.

·Criteria: Quality is the absolute.

· Measures implemented: Man is considered the center and force development. Everyone in the company to devote their best, as a strong company

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